DepartmentHealth Care and Social Work


The department of Healthcare and Social Work was established in 2012 with a Resolution of the Academic Council of NBU.


The following are among the main academic research areas of the Department: developmental disorders, communication disorders in children and adolescents, interpersonal interactions, deinstitutionalization and social integration of children, telemedicine, neurobiology, speech therapy and speech pathology research.


The research projects in which the department takes part are funded by the Ministry of Education in Bulgaria, the Erasmus+ Programme and the EU Human Resources Development Operational Programme.

Every year the Department staff members participate in a range of national and international conferences, organize and host international academic events contributing to the improvement of practices in the field.

The Healthcare and Social Work Department has signed student mobility agreements under the Erasmus+ Programme with universities in France, Portugal and Romania.

The Department runs a Center for Treatment of Childhood Communication Disorders and Childhood Behavioral Disorders and Emotional Disturbances. The main activities carried out by the Center are:
• treatment of child developmental disorders: communication, emotional and behavioral;
• internships for students trained to become speech therapists;
• field research.

Head of Department:
Assoc. Prof. Margarita Stankova, MD, PhD
Building 2, Room 213
tel.: 02/8110 683
е-mail: mstankova@nbu.bg

Milena Zdravkova
Building 2, Room 213
Tel: 02/8110 683 ext. 2213
e-mail: mzdravkova@nbu.bg